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Advanced Beyond Compare


Technical Difficulties: Due to some issues in World War, our talons glitcher is a bit out of whack and is not performing to our usual standards. All Talon orders will still be completed, but they will take longer than expected. We are working towards getting things fixed as best we can, but some issues are out of our control (ones that Storm8 would have to fix themselves).

We are here to help all players exceed with excellence in S8 games. We have been providing services for over three years now. We are one of the largest, most trusted companies, that also provides the most services for our users! Please be sure to add your correct login info while choosing your service! We cannot complete the order without it. If you go to play your account and it starts a new account, it means we're completing your order; do not try to transfer it back until we send you a confirmation email we have finished! We only send emails about orders before we start and after we finish; not right after you pay as you should get one from PayPal confirming your purchase. Please be sure to check your PayPal email often after purchase and look for our email! We are in no way affiliated with Storm8 and only provide services for paying customers.

Store Hours (Eastern)

Monday-Friday: 11:00AM-11:00PM
Saturday (Limited Services): 12:00PM-4:00PM
Sunday: Closed


Our Storm8 player works like a charm and is highly compatible with multiple devices.

Very User

Simple and easy to use interface that anyone can use.


Know that all stored sensitive user data is encrypted for safety.


We do not sell any personal/sensitive information to anyone.


Our skeleton accounts come with up to three trillion cash on hand plus the extra cash (if any), the income chosen at purchase, 75 (iMob) or 760 (WWar) energy, 3-6 stamina, and the rest of the skill points will be unused.

Game Cash

We can add game cash to most S8 games. You can go from rags to riches with our services. Get all the cash you need for your upcoming war, atm events, investments, etc.


Access all your Storm8 games from one device through our player.


We are able to add godfather pinky rings, or talons in world war, to your account as long as you have the required amount of energy and are over the required level to unlock the mission.